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Welcome to an exciting journey of discovery through Schloss Ringberg.


Schloss Ringberg has been in the possession of the Max Planck Society since 1973. Used today as a meeting and conference venue, it is one of the most interesting total works of art of the early 20th century.


But who commissioned this uncompleted project that combines structural elements of a villa, castle and fortress? Who was the artist who created the designs for all of this? What legends surround Ringberg?


The »Ringberg Guide« provides authoritative and fascinating details with articles, images, original documents from the castle archive, plus videos featuring experts and contemporary witnesses.

How to use

Select the menu item »Introduction« via the main navigation at the top of the screen and follow the individual menu items in chronological order. At anytime and anywhere within the Schloss Ringberg grounds you can access all of the fascinating information about the castle's history, its interior design, Duke Luitpold of Bavaria, who commissioned the building, and the universal artist Friedrich Attenhuber. You can also discover how the Max Planck Society came to inherit this total work of art.


The guide can also be used for your active tour of the castle, which you can begin by using the site map. You will also find details here about the interior of eight extremely impressive interior spaces and rooms, such as the Witches' Room and the stairwell.

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Start your castle tour via the main navigation if you wish to begin with background information on the castle or start here with information about the location.


If you wish to go directly to the discovery tour of the rooms, click on one of the names on the following map and follow the numbers 1 to 8.